Wednesday, December 21, 2011

High compliments

I just received a facebook message from David Griffin, 4th horn of the CSO.

He wrote:
I enjoyed hearing you in ACC at Goodman last night. Bravo!

Mr. Griffin has been a horn god to me ever since I moved to Chicago in 1995 to attend music school! His low horn playing has been the rock of that section, the unsung hero if you will, for the last 16 years.

I am moved and honored by his words and the fact that he reached out to express them.
Thank you, sir.  It was my privilege to be on stage with you in the audience!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New venue and forced perspective

I procured my CTA performer's permit today.  Gonna try my hand at playing in a brass trio with my friends Ellis and Jerry down in the bowels of Chicago's Transit Authority.  I've street performed before but never in a group and never in a train station.
I have a badge that I need to "wear prominently."  I wonder how musician's union pension comes out of what we make?

Anyway, we're going to try to be at one of the 4 designated spots (Lake Red & Blue lines and Jackson Red & Blue lines) during some rush hours this holiday season.  I'm guessing the 4-6pm rush hour is more in our time-table but we may try to make a morning or two.
Please email or facebook me if you would like a heads-up as to when we may be down there.

On a personal note, I saw the Muppet's Movie yesterday and I have to admit, after the new tune "Pictures In My Head" by Kermit, my eyes weren't dry for the remainder of the movie.
I suspect this was due to the following things:
 1) That brand new song Kermit sings is awesome and touching. It touched me in a way that said, "How could you forget us?" and my soul responded, "I don't know, life happened?"

2) The old tunes resonated a chord in me that hadn't been plucked in a while. That old music played by Rowlf on classical Piano and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (Especially Zoot and Animal) inspired me in ways I didn't realize until I heard it again.

3) Jason Segal was the perfect bridge from that era to this one. All the cameos were fun and made me happy, nay! Giddy.

4) After a week when I hosted my parents, did 9 christmas shows (including 2 noon matinees), 3 early promo appearances (WGN, ABC, and Macy's), I think my Monday day off needed a physical and emotional release.

Honestly, I had better shows today because of Number 4 in this list. I'm going to have better composition and arranging success in 2012 because of Numbers 1 and 2.  Dunno what to say about Number 3 except, Yay, Cinema!