Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy September!

I need to get better at this blogging thing.
Once a month isn't enough.  Maybe I'll try weekly when I get back from California.

Oh, yeah! California!
Even though there will be six shows to play, this will be a vacation!
On the bus with a bunch of my best friends, sleeping in the salt flats of Utah, dinner at the Red Iguana, some of my favorite towns in Cali. It's going to be awesome!

Right now, I'm trying to finish up a large orchestration project with my partner Jeff Thomas. We are arranging and orchestrating a piece by the incomparable Michael Karras for a concert in November.
This Friday is the next big deadline.

I can't believe this month has flown by. I am less than a month away from the first Christmas Carol rehearsal! The year rolls down hill from there.

Probably won't talk to you again until mid-October.
Until then...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I got Scorched at Revolution Brewing!

I've got a couple of shows coming up this weekend:

1) Expo '76 in Woodstock, IL for you non-city-dwellers:  Here are the Deets!

2) Al Scorch's Country Soul Ensemble on Sunday night at Subterranean.  Here is where you can get your $8 tix!

I just happened upon Al Scorch at Revolution Brewing, Co, during a Leather Bus "business meeting", where we shared an a capella rendition of "For No One" (the day breaks, your mind aches...), at which time we decided I should play French horn and/or trumpet with this suspender-deserving group. Listen here for sounds:  Twangy Link!

I know it's only Tuesday night, but wherever you are, have a great weekend (mine may already have started)!
~Justin Amolsch, SuperBrassPlayer

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shows this weekend!

Howdy folks -

Justin Amolsch, Brass Superhero will be performing twice this Sunday with Mucca Pazza! At 7pm at the Logan Square Monument (aka, the Illinois Centennial Monument, built in 1918 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Illinois becoming a state), and then at 10pm at the Empty Bottle (aka, "Friendly").

In Logan Square, we'll be performing with Lord of the Yum Yum, and at the Empty Bottle we'll be performing with the Velcro Lewis Group.  These are both bound to be fantastic shows, and I hope to see you at one or the other...or Both!